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Come Dive With Us!

Capt. Bill is a commercial diver with over 35 years of diving experience. Bill has been diving the waters of Lunenburg Bay since 1974 searching for shipwrecks or just having fun. He will keep you entertained with stories of local wrecks, and deep sea salvage expeditions.

Visit the HMCS Saguenay, the 366 ft. Canadian destroyer sunk in 1994 in Lunenburg Bay. The wreck sits on her starboard side in 95 ft. of water. Seals are now seen during most dives and often play with the divers during their safety stops. The wreck site is only 25 min. from the wharf in downtown Lunenburg aboard Islander VI.

Seal dive on East Point Reef. Here you might see huge lobsters or have the opportunity to scratch the stomach of an inquisitive seal.

For the Tech. Diver we have the British sub HMS L-26 in 175 feet of water. The L-26 was sunk in 1945 by the Canadian Navy only 1hr and 15 min. from Lunenburg near St. Margaret's Bay. She was found in 1998 during the search for Swiss Air 111 by the Canadian Navy.
During the summer of 2004 we had hoped to find the wreck of the American Privateer Sweat sunk in 1798 with her 14 cannons, and for the Tech. divers we plan a trip to the HMCS Esquimalt, the last ship sunk during WWII and the U-190, (the sub that sank her) sunk in the approaches to Halifax harbour.


Lunenburg Ocean Adventures offers you a diving experience like no other!

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