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Deep-Sea Fishing Adventures

Leave the scenic harbor of historic Lunenburg aboard the "Islander V111 bound for the pristine waters of the North Atlantic for a fun half-day of fishing. After sailing by the lighthouse at the entrance to Lunenburg.  We will then sail by the Ovens Caves and all guests are told to keep an eye out for dolphins, whales, and the occasional giant Ocean sunfish, or Bluefin Tuna!  

We will provide you with bait, rods and reels. Our fishing gear consists of Penn Pursuit rods with Penn 309 level wind reels loaded with 30lb test line. Avid anglers are welcome to bring their own tackle.
Fish caught are Cod, Mackerel, Dog Fish, Haddock, Halibut, Pollock or Wolf Fish.


We sail twice a day, mornings at 0800 returning for 1200 and again at 1300 returning at 1700. 

Never cleaned a fish before? Our crew will teach you, or you can just leave it up to them to fillet and bag it for you to take home!

Fishing Trip

Group Fishing Charters: $75 + tax per person Children 12 & under $60 + tax


Private Fishing charters are welcome!

1/2 day Private Charters $1200 + tax. for up to 15 people. $2000 + tax for a full day.  Extra persons, $25 each up to 20 people.


To make a booking we do require a contact # and CC#.   We do not charge your CC card until the day of departure.   If you call or text a booking please have the date you would like to book a CC#/expiry/3 digit # handy as the Captain may be untangling a fish or may not have great cell service out on the ocean.  Captain Bill.  Text/Call: 902-521-0251  Leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 


We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. 

We do charge for "No Shows" 


We recommend:

Bring warm clothes as it is always cooler out on the ocean.

Water and Snacks –you’re welcome to bring any food or drink you would like! Alcohol is permitted as long as you have a designated driver for when you arrive We recommend back on shore.

Non-Drowsy Gravol –  (not the ginger Gravol) if you have any concerns about being seasick take a non-drowsy seasickness aid before your departure.  

In an effort to reduce one-time plastic use, we ask that if you would like to take fish home with you to please bring a reusable cooler, container, recycled bags, etc.


If you need any other info call: 902-521-0251


Concerned about the weather or running late please call/text Capt. Call  Capt. Bill 902-521-0251   

We leave from the Fisheries Museum at 68 Bluenose Drive, Lunenburg, B0J 2C0, N.S.

Safe travels!


                                    We accept Cash, Credit cards and Debit cards

The boat departs from:  The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, 68 Bluenose Drive, Lunenburg B0J2C0 

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