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Shark Fishing

Not for the faint of heart!

Shark fishing is a full-day experience. The sharks caught are Blue, Mako, and some Porbeagles. We leave the wharf in Lunenburg at 8 am for a one and a half hour trip to the fishing grounds. Whales, dolphins, giant bluefin tuna, turtles, and ocean sunfish are often sighted on our way out, so keep your camera ready. We supply all of the bait and gear during your shark trip and you are welcome to try some deep-sea fishing while you are waiting for the big one! 

Our fishing rods are Penn Senator rods matched with 130 Penn reels loaded with 120 lb. test Dacron, sporting 2mm S.S. leaders. We also offer spinning rods and flies on S.S. leaders for those experienced fishers who would like to feel a 300lb animal on light tackle, or you are welcome to bring your own tackle including fly rods. Hook and release is required by law unless it is a tournament. These fish are landed and must be donated to science. Catch rates are awesome but nothing is guaranteed! 

Come and join us for a great day on the water.

Rates: $2400 + tax per day for up to six people. 





To make a reservation for one of our charters you can use our on line booking, email  or call Captain Bill (902) 521-0251 or (902) 634-4833





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